InterTrade Corp. is now doing business as House of Mohan LLC of Florida

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We are the owner and trademark holder of the Mohan® brand. We are the exclusive manufacturer of the Mohan® Incense, the UNIDUS® Long Love Condoms, and the EROTIM® Long Love Condoms. 

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Mohan® Incense

  • Superior top quality pure atmosphere charcoal incense
  • Creates a unique long lasting fragrance that lasts for hours!
  • Made in India by the House of Mohan®
  • Made from charcoal, a black porous carbonaceous material produced by the destructive distillation of wood and is used as a filter and absorbent
  • It is capable of catching fire yet burns slowly. Charcoal's porous structure makes it a highly efficient agent for the absorption of pure essential oils in the manufacturing of top quality incense sticks.
  • More than 70 fragrances available!
  • Unidus® and Erotim® Long Love Condom

    • Every normal man dreams of just once putting on a performance beyond the wildest expectations and imaginings of his partner. Dream no more! Extend your lovemaking for hours with these new products!
    • The Long Love® Unidus® and Erotim® condoms contain a climax-control cream that helps to prolong sexual excitement for extended lovemaking, up to two or three times longer than usual. It also helps to prevent premature ejaculation and to provide greater staying power.
    • Your partner will be amazed at the new lover she has discovered overnight and all weekend long!
    • Each condom contains a natural white, plain-type, lubricated, climax-control lubricant inside (desensitizer). This ejaculation-delaying cream is free of fat and is applied to the inside of the condom. The paste liquefies at body temperature and quickly spreads over the entire inner surface of the condom. After cohabitation, the paste can easily be rinsed off with water.
    • White and black box packaging is available for Long Love® Unidus® Condom
    • Gold box packaging is available for Long Love® Erotim® Condom

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    After 30+ years in business, the previous owner of InterTrade Corp. decided to retire. Since his retirement, we have downsized and will carry on with the Mohan® and Long Love® Unidus® and Erotim® brands. 

    We have relocated to Florida and our entire inventory has been refreshed and updated. Everything listed on the website is in stock and will ship right away. Shop and pay with confidence! 

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